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Lyrics and melody © 1997 by Catherine Faber

Better the snake you can see, the evil that's easy to show
Bester's a creature we all love to curse,
Still, if we kill him, the next may be worse
Better the devil we know.

We all had a reason to run, we all found the system a foe
Their charts as our children, their drugs as our chain
We can't even force them to taste of our pain
Better the devil we know.

Hiding like mice in the dark, we hear and the news is a blow
Bester's on board and we all have to choose
To flee or to murder or bet on a ruse
Better the devil we know.

Forbidden the touch of the friend, a telepath gloved has to go
Mind touches mind when hand touches hand
People don't like what they don't understand
Better the devil we know.

Now that the gloves have come off, take hands so the power can grow
We'll crinkle his cortex and when we are done
We'll leave him believing he actually won
Better the devil we know!


Inspired by the Babylon 5 episode, A Race Through Dark Places

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