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Bin There, Dun That

Lyrics and Melody ©1993 by Catherine Faber

Someone called me from the darkness, and I answered quick and dumb
And I reckon I'd be Vampire-chow if rescue hadn't come.
Well I hit the carpet running, and I didn't shut the door---
I don't think I'm gonna answer when a stranger calls no more.

'Cause I been there, done that, learned what I should know,
Got the footprints on my T-shirt, got the bruises I can show.
Yes I been there, done that, learned to recognize
When it's time to call for backup by the frenzy in their eyes.

I got called up on a werewolf, when the moon was full and fair
And I picked him up on Seventh Street, and tracked him to his lair,
Now he's backed into the darkness and he's watchin' with a grin.
I'm not dumb, I'm not expendable, and I'm not goin' in.

Wizards can be touchy and they don't have many fans.
They're tight-lipped about their secrets and they're stingy with their plans.
But if you wind up all scorched, you only have yourself to blame.
I don't recommend you push 'em when their hands are full of flame.

Now those old Egyptian curses, sure they got no sense of style
When you tangle with a mummy, you're tied up for quite a while
It's as strong as a gorilla, and as stubborn as a mule
If you find another mummy, you can find another fool.


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