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Brown Gal

Lyrics and Melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber
Arrangement © 2000 by Bob Esty, Arlene "Callie" Hills and Catherine Faber

My brown gal's always by me, however far I roam
And in a hundred harbors she's held my heart to home
Her bed is hard and narrow, but gladly there I've gone
To wake to see my brown gal smiling in the dawn.

When the west wind pipes a lively tune and makes the spray to fly
We sometimes go out dancing, just my sweet brown gal and I
And at my touch she trembles, as wild and sweet as wine;
She answers to no other hand the way she does to mine.

She's blonder than she used to be, for if the truth be told
Sun and salt have silvered her to ash and dusty gold,
But as long as brass needs polishing or lines to be restrung,
She'll always be the brown gal she was when we were young.

My wife comes down to meet me as the sun to embers fails
To catch the line and make her fast and help me fold her sails.
What fool says I'm not wealthy, with my heart's desire and more,
One true love upon the sea and another on the shore!

Sailing with my brown gal, I find my heart has fled
To wish my wife were in my arms, and both of us in bed,
Yet with my wife and daughter, at Sunday church I find
My bold and bonny brown gal is always on my mind....


This song was inspired by the East Coast Filk group Clam Chowder, who performed several sea chanteys at their concert at the Consonance Filk Convention, thus reminding me how fond I am of the genre.

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