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You'll Be There

Lyrics and melody © 2001 by Arlene 'Callie' Hills

You were drawn toward each other, and heart discovered heart
Through the years you've grown together, now you're making a new start
As you turn to face the future, and your wedding party nears
Through the times of music, laughter, joy and tears...

You'll be there for each other just to talk to
You'll be there, to show how much you care
Through life's joys and its burdens you will shelter side by side
To celebrate each other, you'll be there.

As you face the task before you of creating all your dreams
And you look to the horizon and how far away it seems
Just remember friends are near and help is never out of reach
As you cope with all the lessons life will teach.

If you seek the truth inside you and you find the still, small voice
You can learn to trust yourselves and bravely tackle each new choice
And whatever gloom might come, your love will chase the fog away
As the bond you share grows stronger day by day.

You have summoned friends and family, today we've gathered 'round
To witness and to celebrate the partnership you've found
As you speak your wedding promises, we add this wish for you
May the love you share be always strong and true.

Written 27 June 2001.  Dedicated to Cat and Kip.

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