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Butterbug Blues

Lyrics: © 1999 by Arlene "Callie" Hills; Melody: © 1999 by Catherine Faber and Arlene "Callie" Hills
Arrangement ©2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills, Catherine Faber and Bob Esty

I showed him my insects, he thought they were pests
So I redesigned them with Vorkosigan crests
He finds them appalling, and the queen's gotten loose,
I've got the "Wait! Don't exterminate my bioengineered butterbug!" blues.

(Chorus, All)

I never expected to be in this place
Caught up in a web of obligation and grace
Now I'm in a bind, and Fortune's tightened the screws
I've got the cunning plan gone awry, kiss all your hopes goodbye butterbug blues!

I've come back from Beta, the prodigal son
A year's worth of college and of therapy done
So I'm short of cash flow? It's a big-money scheme
But the chaos that's brewing my hopes are undoing; it threatens my dream.

I liked it on Beta, my scholarship year
I only came back because my family's here
They learned I'm no maiden and my folks blew a fuse,
I've got the "You can't go back, daughter!" cultural backwater righteousness blues.

I thought I could woo her, a civil campaign,
Conducted my courtship with a tactical brain:
Concealed the intentions that would cause her dismay,
But the secret's exposed and my strategy's hosed and she's getting away!

I'm drawn to his insight, his warmth and his wit,
The hieroglyph scars that show he never would quit
He asked for a garden and admired my skill
Then I learned it's not plants that he wants - it's romance, and the thought made me ill.

I've dallied with lovers of every degree
And why ever not? The women lined up for me...
Now I want to marry but they've found other mates
And the ones that remain my affections disdain and I can't get a date!

This song was inspired by the novel A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Characters and situations from the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold.
Used by permission of the author and Baen Books.
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