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The Carousel

Lyrics and melody © 2003 by Catherine Faber

The children come crowding to look at the ride,
They laugh and they chatter, small hands on my side
They climb to the saddle so joyful they came--
But the music and scenery's always the same.

I dream of sweet meadows, the grass growing high
Of clear running water, a great starry sky
Of carrots and apples and hot mash as well
Of clover to roll in and flowers to smell.

The people, the popcorn stand pass to the sound
The litter and icecream cones keep going round;
I'm making a living in show business but
There's just no denying I'm stuck in a rut.

But evening's coming, an end to the strife
I smell the dew falling and seek out my life
The lights will go out, I'll be done with my part
Deep into dreamland I'll follow my heart.

I wake from my dreaming, the night nearly gone
The stars, like a carousel, wheel toward the dawn.
The children will squeal and the music will play
And all my tomorrows will be like today.

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