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Common Things

Lyrics and melody © 2000 by Catherine Faber.
Arrangement © 2000 Arlene "Callie" Hills and Bob Esty

Where you have to turn the corner, between the entry and the hall,
There the flame that crowns your candle, throws your shadow on the wall...
When I close my eyes I picture, and my heart begins to race
If I were standing in the corner, would your shadow brush my face?

All these common things surround you, and my heart has no defense.
Am I mad that I might envy things with neither thought nor sense?
Even though they never know it, yet your passing lends them grace;
I would trade and count it fortune, to be standing in their place.

You come striding down the staircase, where the morning sunlight woke
The gleam of maple, polished under the hem of your descending cloak,
And in dreams so sweet and heady my straining will begins to fray
I feel your cloak brush all around me; I hear your footsteps fade away.

The winter mantle on your shoulder, fashioned of the finest wool
Free of shame or shyness twines you, soft and yielding, warm and full.
Did I dare to so embrace you, wind would not dislodge my hold;
It's your warmth would make me tremble, not the bitter winter cold.

A simple cup of sturdy stoneware, by your plate at dinner stands,
Waiting through the winter evening, warmed and warming in your hands
And like cats that know no boundaries, dreams approach the mouth that sips
Till the leap of longing wakes me, lifted lightly to your lips.

This song was inspired by a D&D game.

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