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Fair Was The Blossom

Lyrics and melody ©2000 by Catherine Faber and Arlene "Callie" Hills
Arrangement © 2000 by Bob Esty and Catherine Faber

Fair was the blossom, and faithful and true
But fairer the tree from which it grew
For Manticore's flower our grief is displayed
For Honor has fallen to Haven's red blade.

For Manticore's navy and Grayson's she flew;
Fearless her ship and devoted her crew.
Through terrible odds her commitment was keen
To keep to her word and to honor her Queen.

I will remember till memory dies
Grayson's deep anger ablaze in her eyes
As she challenged Burdette in the whole council's sight
"Send for your sword and may God aid the right."

I'm drawn to a standard I cannot attain
My beacon a Lady, a Knight without stain,
You cannot in honor, deny me this grace
The chance to avenge what I cannot replace.

I mourn for her loss but I know very well
The tree is no less for the flower that fell.
Someday I hope they'll remember of me,
Fair was the blossom, but fairer the tree.

This song was inspired by the novels Echoes of Honor and Ashes of Victory by David M. Weber.

Characters and situations from the Honor Harrington series by David M. Weber.
Used by permission of the author and Baen Books.

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