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Oh Garibaldi

Lyrics and melody ©1998 by Catherine Faber

Oh, Garibaldi, what are you thinking?
There's a whole pack of troubles headed your way
If you give them a welcome, take them out drinking
You might just as well ask them to stay.

Oh Garibaldi, trouble's come courtin'
With a bottle of wine and its eye on romance
That old devil whiskey may look purty sportin'
But he ain't gonna give you a chance!

Oh Garibaldi, you've been a pal and since
We'll push you away if we come on too strong,
We -- tiptoe around, with our hearts in the balance
Knowing damn well that something is wrong!

Oh Garibaldi, your laughter is hollow
Though your words reassure, and you claim you're OK
Are you walking away just to see who will follow you
Or are you just walking away?

Inspired by Babylon 5.

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