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As Good As Any

Lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber

I threw myself at someone and he dropped me with a thump,
Left me spittin' dirt and sittin' on a smartin' rump
I picked me up and brushed me down and made the dust to fly
I'm as good as any who can look me in the eye.

Well, sure enough I'm sorry, and I dropped a sigh or three
That the one I really wanted really wasn't wanting me,
But I've got better things to do than sit around and cry--
I'm as good as any who can look me in the eye.

So when I heard the music, sure I came to join the fun.
Ready for a dance, perhaps a kiss when we are done.
But where I see no interest, I'll not bother to apply;
I'm as good as any who can look me in the eye.

If someone isn't interested, you take them at their words,
The sea is full of fishes and the bushes full of birds.
The bloom is off the rose? well there are buds in good supply,
And you're as good as any who can look you in the eye.

On the CD the song includes a pennywhistle harmony written by Callie Hills and a mandolin harmony line by Cat Faber (additional mandolin arrangement by Heather Alexander).

This song resulted from a Babylon 5 roleplaying game incident. Did I mention that I like roleplaying games? (Basically "let's pretend" for adults--a story woven by a number of players at once.) Anna was interested in David, who was having nothing to do with the whole idea. While they were sparring in an Aikido match she tried to kiss him, and found herself face down in the pine needles. This is what comes of letting one's guard down.

From this came the first verse and the rest is history.

This is the last song on the CD "As Good As Any".
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