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My Grandmother's Hands

Lyrics and melody ©1997 by Arlene "Callie" Hills

The cloth-folding fingers that snip at the thread
Seem blessed by dexterity I thought long dead
Are these skills my own, or directed by one
Whose hands never rested 'til her years were done?

Grandmother's hands, grandmother's hands,
Am I being guided by grandmother's hands?
Grandmother's hands, grandmother's hands,
Perhaps I am guided by grandmother's hands.

I sit in my sewing room night after night
Sometimes from sunset 'til early dawn light
With costumes and fabrics too many to name
Each project unique but the patience the same.

Her slim, nimble fingers were ever employed
Creating great beauty that many enjoyed
For family and friends, Nile or Eastern Star
She knit, baked, or cross-stitched from daylight 'til dark.

Her legacy lives in her family's minds
Some sew and some bake and some others draw lines
With cinnamon rolls, flowers or hairpin lace,
Each item an offering of talent and grace

Grandmother's hands, grandmother's hands,
Perhaps we are guided by grandmother's hands,
Grandmother's hands, grandmother's hands,
I think we're all guided by grandmother's hands.

In loving memory of Beatrice Hills, 1910-1994

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