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Goodbye You Willamette

Lyrics and melody © 2002 by Catherine Faber

Goodbye you Willamette; your daylights and darks
Are graced with a garland of bridges and parks.
Mother of pearl, are the clouds in the sky,
While langorous water goes murmuring by.

Of all of the faces my home has to show
I see but the fairest the hour I must go.
Rocky and steep at the end of the day
Is the road homeward when taken away.

Hard by the highway the hills I have seen
Draped in a velvet of golden and green,
Fields of the finest of foodstuff that grows
Fashioned by farmers in corduroy rows.

Mount Hood rises royal, with snow in her hair
Veiled in blue linen as light as the air
Dignity's dresses are certainly hers--
The throne of her foothills all covered in firs.

Eastward of Portland Columbia spills
Blue as a gem between forested hills;
Cliffs cup the valley, and down the rock stair
Waterfalls braid like a maid's flowing hair.

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