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The Heart of Summer

Lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber
Arrangement © 2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills and Bob Esty

Call the piper, call the drummer, fetch the fiddle and the fife.
It's the beating heart of summer and the night is full of life.
In the morn we cannot tarry but must go our separate ways;
Come dance and be merry! The dance music plays.

Cast off anger, care, and sadness, let your feckless feet take flight.
cast off all your sadness
As the music speaks of gladness you will find your heart is light.
hear the music's gladness
Your troubles will be patient, they have time enough to stay;
troubles time to stay
If they don't, so much the better! They are free to go away.

There are maids in ribbons going where the dancing fires burn,
There are maidens going
With their hair all loose and flowing, flying wide at every turn.
with their hair all flowing
Their eyes are bright with mischief, you can hear the laughter spill,
laughter, hear it spill
And if you won't be their partner, why another dancer will.

While the dancing drums are sounding, come the lads from east and west
while the drums are sounding
Like the stag in autumn bounding, so they seem to need no rest
stag in autumn bounding
While the music runs before them, every head will turn their way
music turns their way
And if I can't be their partner, then another dancer may.

Like a flock of eager swallows playing tag around our feet
like a flock of swallows
So the music flirts and follows here where Bard and dancer meet.
so the music follows
His glance is bright and merry and I meet it more and more;
glancing more and more
Someone else should play a tune so I can ask him to the floor!

Words in italics are a slower ground, sung simultaneously with the line above them.

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