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High Frontier

Lyrics and melody © 2000 by Catherine Faber

Over the mountains like the break of dawn,
Spring'll come a ramblin' but I'll be gone.
Gonna find my fortune and it won't be here;
Gonna ride a rocket to the high frontier.

Look for me on an April night
I'll be in Taurus if my charts are right...
If the wind ain't blowin' and the sky is clear
You'll see me goin' to the high frontier

I'll be workin' where the starlight's found,
Meantime moseyin' the whole world round.
Savin' up for better things than beer;
To build a station on the high frontier.

Hope and hardship and a worthy task
Is all I offer and it's all I ask
It'd be perfect if you were here--
Won't you follow to the high frontier?

All I ever needed was a silver flute,
Freeze dried coffee and an air-tight suit,
A star to follow and a ship to steer,
And you beside me on the high frontier!

This song was inspired by some of Joe Bethancourt's "Country music in space" songs.

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