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John Talos' Canon

Lyrics and melody ©1994 by Catherine Faber

Lines of passion do I craft;
If my gentle words offend,
Dared I drink a deeper draught
That which injures might yet mend.
Though indiff'rence I pretend
My spaniel heart you may perceive
Fawning at your fingers' end.
He who loves is doomed to grieve.

A ring of mist and moonbeam drawn
Glimmers on the velvet glen,
To fade forever with the dawn,
And vanish out of mortal ken.
On spidersilk and starlight then,
I tread the dance I dare not leave
From joy to fear and back again.
He who loves is doomed to grieve.

Silken-soft the dancers go
Light as milkweed on the air
And their lightest kiss to know
Triumph is, and black despair.
Silver-sweet and feral-fair
Loving looks in dance deceive.
Step among them if you dare
He who loves is doomed to grieve.

Passion's pledge I dare not make.
Never word our hearts may link.
I may touch, but never take;
Kiss the cup but do not drink.
Shadows fall as dark as ink
And darker eyes enchantments weave--
Trembling on passion's brink
He who loves is doomed to grieve.

This song was written to accompany a dance of the same name, in which the second set of dancers copies the movements of the first set, four beats later.
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