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The Least of My Kind

Lyrics and melody ©1994 by Catherine Faber

Covered in dirt and mud, aching and spitting blood,
Cursing, you stir to rise and groan.
Muffled in yet-to-come mutters a battle drum
Werewolves don't usually walk alone.

Think on the battle-cost; this time the wolf has lost
Beaten and broken and blind.
Better beware, my lord; better prepare, my lord;
I was the least of my kind.

Prying my switchblade cold out of my fingers' hold,
Pause to take stock, reflect, and rue.
Look on the damage done here by a single one;
What do you think a full pack will do?

Careless I came by chance, joining in battle's dance
Slain in a fight I could not win.
Far-off a wolf pack hears; heads turn, with pricking ears.
Thought you, my lord, that I had no kin?

Another role-playing game derived song. I had to leave a favorite character in a very bad spot, then never got to go back and play it out.
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