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Mark's Song

Melody and lyrics ©1994 by Catherine Faber

I want to understand you, and I fear I never will.
You stymied every plan I had; you saw me learn to kill.
I meant to steal your life, and world, your title and your gains,
Yet you called me brother, and the name you gave remains.

I am not what you are, although your face I wear
Sculpted as your mirror, with most painful patient care.
Molded in deception, for war and murder grown,
The hatreds of your history have warped my flesh and bone.

I have met your father and led him close to death;
Grey as any ghost I've watched him fight for every breath.
I knew him as a murderer, the foe of every good,
Yet I, who am no better, would have eased him if I could.

I have met your mother; she seems to see me whole,
To know my every memory, each scar across my soul.
She sees the world so carefully; a thousand shades of grey,
Still expecting miracles from crushed and twisted clay.

Your troopers gave me welcome, and your form they smiled to see;
Their kindnesses were bitter, for they weren't meant for me,
Your home, your rank, your memory, your duties, and your face
Your mother's God forbid ... that I have them in your place.

I want to understand you, now I fear the chance is lost.
I had so much to say to you, I'm bankrupt of the cost.
Half of me still hates you as the source of all my pains,
But years ago you marked me, and the name you gave---remains.

Inspired by the books Brothers in Arms and Mirror Dance, by Lois McMaster Bujold.
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