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Mountain Man
(My Father's Legacies)

Lyrics and melody ©1998 by Arlene "Callie" Hills

A fortress of stones jutting up from the valley,
around the next curve, Shasta shrouded in mist,
a steep narrow road winds past clusters of houses,
I think of you often at moments like this.

The mountains and trails, they were ever your havens,
you sought them out often for solace and peace,
with snowshoes or skis, with a tent and a backpack,
renewing your spirit in places like these.


Along with my height and a fondness for puzzles,
a keen eye for detail no other eye sees,
your love of the mountains flows strongly within me,
I think of you often on journeys like these.

At sunset the trees on the ridge are dark outlines,
the alpenglow falls on the snow-covered peaks,
as deer venture forth to come browse by the roadside,
I think of you often at moments like these.


Written 3-8-98 between Shasta Lake, California and Ashland, Oregon on the drive back from Consonance.
In loving memory of Gary Hills, 2/9/38 - 8/23/94.

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