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Nuts from the Hazel Tree

Lyrics and melody © 2000 by Catherine Faber (revised 2003)

When I was young I used to look for hazels after church
Long in seeking, hard to gain but better for the search
Crack the shell to find the meat, rich and pale and wild and sweet
Poet, mage and madman eat -- nuts from the hazel tree.

Wisdom's pride hazels hide;
Hazel graces sacred places,
Wind and tide, scatter them wide;
Nuts from the hazel tree.

Seedlings stretch to see the sun from secret roots below
From a single nut a spreading hazel grove may grow
For story is by story fanned; poets, singers, authors stand
Scattering from either hand, nuts from the hazel tree.

I come to hear you sing for me the restful hazel shade
The rising dust of time and sorrow in my soul has laid
A thirst that only magic slakes, answered when the zephyr wakes
Where its careless footstep shakes -- nuts from the hazel tree.

Journeying consider well how life and story link
Anyone may hunger for the poet's meat and drink
Always take a satchel strong, stuffed with story and with song
When you journey take along -- nuts from the hazel tree.

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