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Out of the Music's Way

Lyrics and melody © 2003 by Catherine Faber

I stagger and struggle and stutter and strive; the music I fancy my friend
Dances unwilling just out of my reach and slips at my fingertips' end
Sometimes it whispers behind my ear like a soul shining out of its shell
But I never can master the mandolin till I master myself as well

Out of the music's way, my friend, letting the melody play
I wish I could figure out how to let go and get out of the music's way!

I dreamt that I studied a song last night; it fought like a demon from hell
My fingers like feet as I wrestled the tune, I stumbled and fumbled and fell
Locked in the struggle he flung me down, to lift me aloft again
Till fingers like feathers, I followed him fairly to dance with an angel then.

Practice is over and lessons are done; the mandolin's sitting alone,
My fingers are itching to try it again; I know in my breath and my bone
If I could just figure out how to let go and follow the melody in
We'd frolic together, the angel and me, on the strings of the mandolin!

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