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Lyrics ©1998 by Catherine Faber
Verse melody by Catherine Faber
Chorus tune traditional: "Shortnin' Bread"

Sweet and fickle and quick and lazy,
She's big trouble, and a royal pain.
Damn if the pooka don't drive me crazy;
Damn if the pooka don't keep me sane.

I am fast but she is faster;
Wonder how she managed that.
She just laughed when I first asked her--
"All you need is a hob-stitched hat!"

I had heard in myth and rumor
Who might come to take my part;
Got no sense but a sense of humor;
Got no fear but a Firbolg heart.

The title "friend" I would afford her;
There's no finer in a fight.
Should you deign to give an order
She'll do the opposite--just for spite.

This song is about a character in a Vampire/Mage/Mummy/Changeling roleplaying game I was in a couple of years ago. I made up the chorus on the spot after the Pooka had done something particularly outrageous, and the Pooka's player liked it enough that I went on to complete the song a few days later.

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