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My Planet's Child

Lyrics © 2000 by Catherine Faber; melody © 2000 by Catherine Faber and Arlene "Callie" Hills
Arrangement © 2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills and Bob Esty

I was born on a dancing world, where day and darkness run
Do-si-do with the dusty moon, around a distant sun.
Which shyly skirts a wider waltz, by gravity's request
Around a swirling galaxy that knows no point of rest.

Oh, I come by it honestly if I am star-beguiled,
For if I am a rover, well, I am my planet's child.
The very iron in my blood has wandered wide and far--
Forged and flung from the fire's heart that fueled a foreign star.

Mars hangs low in the winter sky, a faint red spark to see,
That might yet hold some scrap of life; a wanderer like me;
A fractured portrait hinting how the solar system spawned;
And more than that--a stepping stone to all the worlds beyond.

Pink and pearl the summer skies on Martian planetside,
Where clouds of ice and iron help to swing the seasons wide.
And in the winter morning with the sky all blue with night,
A freezing fog comes furling in to veil the valleys white.

Soon enough I'll soar away to sail the sunlit black,
Thirty months as earthlings count to travel out and back.
The calendar is counting down; the zero hour nears,
To add my own small circle to the clockwork of the spheres.

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