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Rest in Me

Lyrics and melody ©1998 by Catherine Faber

You said you had a sweetheart a hundred lifetimes deep
Who cradled you in comfort and soothed you into sleep;
You woke to find a willow, with leaves as green as bronze,
Which stroked your fevered forehead with gentle trailing fronds.

There's no one here to fight with, there's nothing here to flee
You said I was your willow, rest in me

Come lay aside your burden, and hearken to my tune,
The world is full of struggle and morning comes too soon.
I dreamt I saw a willow that held you like a child,
You slept by leaves enshrouded -- and in your sleep you smiled.

You will not flee from danger nor raise a hand to fight;
But martyrs come to ashes, blazing in the night.
I dreamt I asked the willow whose restless branches stirred
How long we'd have together, she wept and spoke no word.

This was inspired by an exchange between two characters in the Babylon 5 TV show.

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