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Lyrics and melody © 2003 by Catherine Faber

The oak and the apple, the cherry and pine,
In wind and wet weather, do wildly entwine
Till I asking after them, finally found
Petals like garments flung thick on the ground.

High on the hill in a skystruck romance
Iris and snowdrop to wind-music dance,
Fancy and fragile, ephemeral-fair
Raindrops like diamonds festooned through their hair.

The rain will encourage each stream in his course
To prattle and laugh with exuberant force
Braiding a river where rapids appear
Combining in thunder too constant to hear.

To love grown too quiet, the rainstorm may bring
Passion and play with the tempests of spring
You are my joy's inspiration made plain
As every good thing is the child of the rain.

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