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Songs of Human Crafting

Lyrics © 2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills, Catherine Faber and Bob Esty
Melody © 2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills and Jeff Olhoeft
Arrangement © 2000 by Bob Esty

When the music you can feel from our harps of wood and steel
Seems to spread its notes like feathers to take off across the night
The tune that winds around us like a jewel might astound us
Striving to convey to you our sorrow and delight.

There are flutes with notes resounding; there are drums like heartbeats bounding
There are strands of twisted wire wound on harps and on guitars.
And voices sure as thunder weaving words that carry wonder
As the songs of human crafting carry us among the stars.

Humans from our birth have been tethered to the earth
Yet we ask and answer questions of the edges of the sky.
And the spaceships we're assembling, at tomorrow's edge are trembling
Promising as ever "we can make it if we try."

There are those who see no shame in having every day the same
If we asked permission they would only answer "no".
But those who wouldn't censure our desire for adventure
Would see our bodies follow where our minds already go.

Every woman, every man, take your children by the hand
Fill their hearts with music, every girl and every boy.
You know their future lies in the ever growing skies
Let the songs of human crafting lead their struggle and their joy.

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