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The Spotted Goat

Lyrics and melody © 2003 by Catherine Faber

The spotted goat was spite with hooves, and I know what she did
She struck a bargain with Old Nick, when she was just a kid
They chewed the whole agreement o'er in yonder barren field
Whose state affirms the contract's terms in jimson weed were sealed

No field, no fold, no fence would hold, no chain would keep her still,
No rope would be her tether, she would wander at her will.

I bet Old Nick just looked at her, and scratched his scorching hair,
And asked her flat "why ask for that? You're more than halfway there."
The kid she matched him stare for stare and said "The world is tough"
"There will be a time," said she "that half is not enough."

The spotted goat did many dark deeds and wandered where she would
Till she ate my pies before my eyes, and I shot her where she stood.
The devil he took her soul to hell, for all her life of crime,
But if you ask me, I'll wager she was gone by milking time!

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