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Lyrics and melody © 2002 by Catherine Faber

With one foot in the spirit world, where dreamtime veils the day
He spoke the tongue of angels and he bore their songs away.
Like dewdrops on a spiderweb they cling to common themes,
Like pearls from the darkness of an ocean that he charted in his dreams.

Must joy be sorrow-bounded then, must glory travel fast,
As a flower lives a summer, as a sunset cannot last?
Yet music is eternal as the river and the reeds,
While the dandelion bloomed it flung away upon the wind a thousand seeds.

As gently as a waterbug whose shadow's ringed in light
He'd stroke the skin of language till it bore him up in flight.
Like a falcon he could drop to pierce the hearts within us all,
So we mourn the tongue of angels that was struck untimely silent by his fall.

As endless spring was ending, as his heart began to fail,
It seems so very typical he'd stop to tell the tale,
And pause at dying's border with a wonder in his eye,
In an end as out of season, as a sudden silent snowfall in July.

When grief was dark and bitter, over still and silent strings
A bird came to the window, with the lamplight on its wings;
And hovered like a message, till it fell away in flight--
Where the road is long and rocky wear the memory like a mantle made of light.

Dedicated to the memory of Dave Carter, 1952-2002

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