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United 93

Lyrics and melody © 2001 by Catherine Faber

From pocket, purse and seatback, the telephones arise
Victims of a hijack, calling home to say goodbyes
Learn it's no coincidence; the networks all have shown
Lives and buildings pulverized in fire and falling stone.

Exactly what took place in there, there's none alive can say
We only know the outcomes of decisions made that day
We bow our heads in silence, honoring the free,
Remembering the heroes of United 93.

Someone must have realized; they haven't got a qualm
To kill our friends and neighbors, they'll make this plane a bomb
We've got to take the cabin back; if that much can't be nailed
God knows how many people will be dead because we failed.

The bastards are outnumbered, and all they've got are knives.
We haven't much alternative; surrender won't save lives
Our families, our children; their grief we cannot spare
The fields ahead are empty; let us end the struggle there.

The rest of us are thinking how best to manage strife
A blanket makes a blindfold, a pillow slows a knife;
The next poor chumps who try it, will find we've paid the fee
For lessons from the heros of United 93.


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