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Via Astra

Lyrics ©1997 by Catherine Faber and Arlene "Callie" Hills
ttto: Novus Miles (a 12th century conductus)

Held exalted, mute and awed,
I see what night would show me
Like the jewel of a God
The planet high below me.
Sapphire in the dark of space,
Oceans veiled in cloud-spun lace,
Mountain ranges twined
Golden hazes deserts hide,
Patient teacher, mother, bride,
Our world, cradle of our kind.

Far in space and sunlight hurled
By dark and distance hidden
Pieces of a stillborn world
Wander wide unbidden.
Treasure tumbles in the night
Metals rare in airless flight
Figure in the sum
Yet knowledge is the greater part--
The secrets of a planet's start
Await, we who yet may come.

King of gods, old Jove is known
By banded clouds unblending
Whose face is marked by winds alone
That spin in storms unending.
Further out is Saturn crowned
By triple rings that span him round.
But when the dark we brave,
Tiny moons precise we see
Herding rings like filigree;
A cairn marking a planet's grave

Like stars, or gems in hair undone
Her city lights become her
Terra dances with the sun,
Her curtseys ice and summer.
I rode the fire into space
To see the stars, but saw her face,
The memory haunts me still.
Veiled in my re-entry burn,
Glad did I leave, and glad return
To Earth, and lay me down with a will!

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