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Web of Love

Lyrics and Melody ©1998 by Catherine Faber

Life is spun of twisting atoms, twined in a seamless weave
Through wind and leaf and earth and sea and air they cling and cleave
Our flesh was kin before we met, e're heart discovered heart
We are strands in an endless web; how can we be apart?

From the time when the sun caught fire from the press of the weight it owns
From the time when the first rain fell and hissed on the scalding stones
Atoms have been dancing to the music made of light
Till at last in the dance we meet, -- and meeting, reunite.

Carbon in this bread we break, the child of the harvest sheaf
Came of the breath of a mastodon, by way of a sunlit leaf
Taste the thousand tales it holds, of days when, daylight-hurled,
Beneath a passenger pigeon's wing it flew around the world.

This vintage grew of April's courting: sunlight's fitful gleams
And rain that stretched across a ridge to swell a dozen streams
As we drank last summer, and as now we share our wine,
In crimson cup and racing blood the raindrops recombine.

Nitrogen and phosph'rus, passing, sweep like phantom wings
Through life and death, through earth and air in interlocking rings,
In our bones and in our blood, wound through our DNA
Our flesh is made of stone and sea, the breath of yesterday.

We are made of living earth, the spawn of a moulting star
The stuff of all that came before has made the flesh we are
I know, the hour I meet your eyes, that we are kin and kind--
We have touched in every part, through all of time entwined.

Written for Kip Wheeler, on Valentine's Day 1998.

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