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Wild Rose

Lyrics and melody ©1997 by Catherine Faber
(Melody based on Traditional: Bonny Portmore)

Where the bees fly up, and they kiss the blossom's cup
With a sharp and patient eye in the shadows you may spy. . .

Wild Rose--wild Rose, lightly she goes
And her bright skirt flows where the free wind blows.
Wild Rose--wild Rose, shyly she grows
And her heart she shows where no stranger knows
Wild Rose.

As ardently, and as clumsy as the bee
My heart I did unclose, and kissed the trembling rose. . .

Hummed soft upon the breeze by a choir of drunken bees
Our song of love was played in a primrose-dappled glade.

Now lone and lorn I see one late and laggard bee
That stiffly home does wend, caught short by summer's end. . .

This song was inspired by (what else?) a role-playing game.
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