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When the Wind Changes

Lyrics and melody ©1999 by Catherine Faber

We fled to the snow--for the house was a pyre...
Our two hearts were shattered like stones in a fire
Time has seen mended what tragedy marred,
But never quite perfect--but never unscarred.

When the wind changes we still feel the breaks
The hurt that was dozing rolls over, and wakes
The sun leaves the meadow, the geese leave the lakes--
When the wind changes, it aches.

Out on the hill there's a place I would go
Where ash feeds the soil and wildflowers grow.
I'd follow behind you and creep up to stand
My head on your shoulder, my hand in your hand.

First fruits of harvest are sweet in my mouth
We've love; we have laughter; the wind's in the south
But sorrow is waiting, by autumn concealed,
As rain makes uneasy a bone long since healed.

Above are the lyrics as sung on the CD, with two singers. With one singer, alter the first line of the second verse to read "Out on the hill there's a place you would go"

This song comes from a Babylon 5 roleplaying game. Part of our backstory was that my characters parents were killed in a house fire when she was seven years old.

Do me a favor; check that your smoke detector is working. If you haven't done it in the past six months, go do it now. I'll wait.

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