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Wedding Promises

Lyics and melody © 2001 by Catherine Faber

My joy and my solace, come sit by my side.
I've bread and I've milk and I've plums for my bride
And when we are wedded, why what shall we do?
But travel away and be somebody new.

My love you look weary, come sit in my chair;
I'll rub out your shoulders; I'll comb out your hair.
You've tied it with twine but a promise I lay,
You'll tie up your hair with silk ribbon some day.

The silent road waits, with the lore that it guards,
For heirs to the kingdom of scholars and bards.
It's ours to be claimed, yet wherever we roam
Your arms are my shelter, your presence, my home.

Though autumn be fleeting and winter be cold,
And all of our wealth be two rings of pure gold,
Through all the adventures tomorrow may send,
With you at my shoulder the future's my friend.

Dedicated to Lyle Kip Wheeler, April 8th 2001.

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