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Wings of Human Knowledge

Lyrics and melody © 2000 by Catherine Faber
Arrangement © 2000 by Arlene "Callie" Hills

Where the air is barely real on our feathertips of steel
Spreading wings of wind and fire in another kind of flight
The earth that bred and bore us like a jewel hangs before us
As we challenge more than fifty million miles of sunlit night.

There are wings of flesh and feather, there are wings of bone and leather
There are wings of painted paper pinned to polished wooden spars
But wings of force and fire never falter, never tire
And the wings of human knowledge span the void between the stars.

For Mars is rising high; our closest cousin in the sky
Where for half a billion years the restless wind has walked alone.
Where mountains rise entire past a climber's mad desire
And the canyons fracture farther than our world has ever known.

Only drifts are growing where the endless wind is blowing
Hid like gold beneath the gravel, how much ice may yet be found,
Where water that once ran it carved its name into the planet
And the banks of fossil rivers braid across the rusted ground?

When we take its measure, won't the bulk of all our treasure
Be the tools we build to get there, long before the ship arrives?
If the old Apollo marks the patterns we will follow
We will change the face of commerce and the structures of our lives.

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