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Hello, and welcome to my home page!

I'm Arlene 'Callie' Hills, a native of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington in the United States), currently living in the Portland, Oregon area.

In addition to music (my chief avocation) my interests include creative use of language (puns, poems, songs, stories), reading, bicycling, costuming, and working with yarns (both knitting/crocheting, and inkle loom weaving). Check the following link for some examples of my literary efforts.

**NEW** Here's a link for some of my fiber art, as well. Caveat: at least 300k of images here, at present.

I'm also interested in historic houses built between 1895-1925, particularly bungalows. In 1999 I purchased a 1910 Craftsman bungalow in southeast Portland (where such houses abound). For a look at my place, which I'm in the process of renovating, check out my house page (now streamlined to be less than 100K).

My primary musical activity these days is as part of a group called the Sherwood Renaissance Singers, a madrigal group which performs at various Renaissance Faires in Oregon and Washington. In 2005, the group recorded a madrigal CD, which can be obtained from us at Ren Faires, via mail order, or from me at conventions.

In science fiction fandom, I have been active for several years in a musical duo called Echo's Children . We perform "filk" music, which is music about science fiction and fantasy subjects. We've produced four CDs of our original music, and have been honored with several invitations to perform at various science fiction conventions. I've also performed in concert with members of Clam Chowder, with Blake Hodgetts, and with Steve Macdonald. At the moment I think I'm the only person in filkdom with a bass flute, and my motto re music is, "have flutes, will travel".   I've been to the states indicated in red, below: .

For another perspective on me, you can look at the delightfully whimsical writeup done by Cat which is my standard SF convention bio.

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