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Hi. I'm Cat Faber, the Webster of this site.

Recent news


In July of 2003 Kip and I moved to New Market, Tennessee. He is an assistant professor of English at Carson Newman College in neighboring Jefferson City. Near the end of the year I started working as a post-doc at a lab at the UT-Knoxville. My e-mail address still hasn't changed.

Kip got a visiting professor position at Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. We've moved as of the end of July. My e-mail address and website address haven't changed.

In mid-July, I had a disk blow out in my back. The pressure on the nerve to my right leg left me in too much pain to walk or stand, so in mid-August I had back surgery. A week later I got married to Kip Wheeler (see our site, www.hwaet.org, a wedding present from our friend Jed). Then I moved to Eugene, since that's where Kip's post-doc is. I'm presently looking for science writing work. No job too big, or too small, as long as it pays!

This site

I spent many years in the 14.4 ghetto, and still use a dialup connection; this affects my attitudes about good Web design. I use images where I think nothing else will do, (usually for sheet music). Where sheet music files exceed 10K in size I've noted the file size next to the link.

Other interests

My interests include science, particularly biology, canoeing and camping, fabric crafting of various sorts (most recently making weird hats out of polartec), spinning and weaving, beading, and writing songs, poetry, fiction, and non fiction, not in that order. Some of these things will appear on this site as I have time to add them.

Echo's Children

As half of Echo's Children, I perform filk music, music about science fiction and fantasy subjects (or see Julia West's filk pages for a more thorough exploration of the subject). We've produced three CDs of our music, and have been honored with several invitations to perform at various Science Fiction conventions. I've also been honored with three Pegasus Awards, and recently was given a fourth.

Here's my Echo's Children bio.

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