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Bicycle Blues

lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber

I got a recumbent--a bike with a view
I heard they are faster, more comfortable too.
(Got a) motor and batteries to give it a boost,
And now I look back on it that's when I figure my troubles were loosed!

All the attention is bringing me down,
I just wanted something I could ride around town
Simple and quiet, now my bike's on the news.
I've got the power-assisted, full-fairing, recumbent bicycle blues.

Check out the fairing, the streamlining shell.
Keeps off the rain and makes it faster as well.
But people look strange at me where ever I come
Like "Who are you, lady, and tell me what alien star are you from?"

Mechanics and traffic cops argue the cut.
Is it a bicycle, a moped or what?
They say I can't ride until the question is solved;
I figured I still had a chance till the FAA got involved!

Call it a motorbike? Damned if I will
Don't want to wear leathers and pedal uphill;
The extra equipment would double the cost,
Why do I need a platinum catalyst when I've got no exhaust?

You'll find me and Sundance, out cruising at large
Twenty-one miles on a penny a charge.
Before I am done I just want one little change
A fairing all covered in solar cells would add a bit to the range!


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