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The Devil's Music

Melody and Lyrics ©1997 by Catherine Faber

In the great Hereafter, music was my desire,
I meant to go to heaven and sing gospel in the choir.
I meant to go to heaven but I had both ways planned,
'Cause where the fire is near, it's true what you hear,
It wasn't hard to put together a band.

Oh, Count Basie plays piano, and Montgom'ry picks and strums,
that's Parker on the saxophone and Blakie on the drums,
Glenn Miller plays the slide trombone, he gives it all he has,
While me and Billie Holiday take turns at singin' jazz...

Well I knew I wouldn't miss New Orleans, going up or going down;
Cause Heaven's in the Garden District, just outside of town,
And Hell is hot and smoky, oh it leaves your soul with scars,
Yeah it's ugly to see but it don't bother me,
'Cause it's better than the Bourbon Street bars!

It's quite the jazz man's heaven, this little place in Hell,
When Dizzy lends his trumpet to the cat named Gabriel.
He plays just like an angel on the nights when he comes down,
Oh, it's dark and it's hot but I sing here a lot,
We're the hottest little combo in town.

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