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But Fairer The Tree

Lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber

Fair was the blossom and faithful and true,
But fairer the tree on which it grew;
For the fair flower, our sorrow is sealed,
For Marin has fallen on Shadowdale field.

Her standard was honor and proudly it flew
Courage her steed, and sharp justice she drew;
Under it all the straight path that she trod
Was the truth of her word and the love of her God.

I will remember till memory dies,
Torm's love, and his anger, ablaze in her eyes.
As sunlight's recalled in a lone candle's flame
Her glory reflected His light, and His name.

I'm drawn to a standard I cannot attain,
My beacon a lady, a knight without stain
As a gypsy may journey, fearless and far
Her map the night heavens, her guidepost a star.

I mourn for her loss, but I know very well
The tree is no less for the flower that fell.
Someday I hope they'll remember of me
Fair was the blossom, but fairer the tree.

This song resulted from a roleplaying game. Callie later adapted it to produce Fair Was the Blossom, which is the variant we usually perform.

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