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Meme of Death

lyrics © 2001 by Catherine Faber, inspired by Kip Wheeler
tto "How Far Back Does Music Go?" melody © 2001 by Catherine Faber and Arlene "Callie" Hills

Composing in the car it's hard to scribble while you steer
So a certain repetition is inevitable here.
I've got a patient husband, but the rhythm and the rhyme
He quits appreciating by the thirty-seventh time
He mutters of the phrases I croon with every breath
"Close your ears; it's the meme of death!"

Close your ears, he says close your ears until she's through
Close your ears, close your ears until she's through
It's the meme of death she's singing and you don't want to catch it too.

Through the mesh of my perceptions the lyrics seem to reach
To the area of Broca where the brain produces speech
Growing like a virus in the warmth the brain affords
It twines around the neurons that control the vocal cords
Shedding in the phrases I croon with every breath
Close your ears! It's the meme of death!

The melody is simple; it echoes in your head
With filking as the vector it is certain it will spread
Public sanitation means the danger must be braved
With bold and drastic measures if the world is to be saved
We've got to stop the phrases we croon with every breath;
Close your ears it's the meme of death!


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