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Mad in White Linen

lyrics and melody © 1990 by Catherine Faber

She's mad in white linen, her form fairly glows;
Clad in her shift, down the hallway she goes.
Singing, she laughs, through the tears that she cries,
Staring right through you with unseeing eyes.

Those eyes hold a grief that no joy will dispell;
They saw her babes slaughtered when Highcastle fell.
The murderer, seeking a throne in the strife,
He took him the woman he'd widowed to wife.

Her hair flies about her so vividly red
Loose and still tangled from Throne-seeker's bed
Her white shoulders carry the marks of his belt
And black are the bruises his heavy hands dealt.

They say in that night when the keep was brought low
She fled down a way her new lord could not go.
Her feet bare and bleeding, her eyes calm and wild,
My grandfather saw her when he was a child.

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