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Nine Cats

Lyrics ©2000 by Catherine Faber;
Melody traditional: Dido Bendigo

There is Princess, Prancer, Capriole's the dancer;
Charcoal is the one who's always sleeping;
There is Snowball, Rollo, Sunshine and Apollo;
And me, I'm the ninth cat in our keeping.

Now Princess being young and her lessons just beginning
She may forget her manners something shocking
Gladly she will spring on a trailing bit of string
And gleefully she'll mangle any stocking.

Now cats get underfoot and I sometimes throw them out
And most go stalking off and never mind it
But Charcoal being old likes to come out of the cold
And his way into the house I cannot find it.

Now we mostly live in peace, but I have to be admitting
That sometimes there's some cuffing and some hissing.
So when the count is done, our lives would number 81
But here and there a piece of one is missing.

Being what we are, why we seek the softest places
And usually the battle's to the strongest.
Every couch and every chair is a matted mess of hair
And mine is the hair that is the longest!

When someone leaves a mouse lying dead around the house
And a housemate the body discovers
You may be certain that they just come out shouting "cat!"
And once again I catch the blame for others.

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