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No Greater Love

lyrics and melody © 1998 by Catherine Faber

She lies on the bed in an iron embrace;
My misery shows like a wound on my face.
They've tried to console me, for everyone knew,
There just wasn't anything else I could do.

I carried her here in the crook of my arm
The urgency adding so much to her harm.
For shattered bones sever and puncture and grate
Like knife blades that twist with each shift of her weight.

Yesterday, I could have spoken at length
I thought that I loved her for beauty and strength,
Now strength has departed and beauty and will;
Yet love weeps to see her, so broken and still.

For her sake my life I would freely let go
Alone in the darkness, though none ever know.
Summoned to battle, I leave her astern--
Her waxen face haunts me wherever I turn.

Half-a-word slips; through the records I grope
Neglecting my duty, distracted by hope.
If I get to this alien healing device
Her life may with luck be redeemed, at a price.

I fasten the leads, at the ebb of life’s tide;
For the first time, and last, I lie down by her side.
Grief shadows love as the threshold is crossed;
I know I can't keep her from learning the cost.


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