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Sanity Time

lyrics and melody © 1994 by Catherine Faber

Everybody needs a little sanity time,
Everybody needs to get away,
And since, as heaven knows, all the bars are gonna' close
Where's a girl to go, to play?
There's a place where I can go to work out rhythm and rhyme;
God's house is always open, you see,
Which is to say, it isn't hard, with a credit card
To wiggle the side door free--

In the church down on the corner of Seventh and Vine
I can follow my thought to its end.
Just me and the fiddle and a bottle of wine
And the voice of my oldest friend.

Everybody needs a little sanity time;
The neighbors see the light and never blink,
'Cause when they listen in and they hear the violin,
"Burglar" is not what they think.
I guess extra-late rehearsals are a dozen a dime,
And though they shake their heads and think it odd,
Still, when the curtain drops, they're not gonna' call the cops,
Not on the House of God!

Everybody needs a little sanity time,
So here I think and scribble, mix and patch
I keep the music light, just a whisper on the night,
No louder than the pencil-scratch.
And I like to think that Someone might suggest a new rhyme
When He gets kinda' carried away,
Or listen for a while, with indulgence in his smile,
To all the eager fiddle has to say.

Because everybody needs a little sanity time! (yeah).

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