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Stand Up Straight

lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber

A strong and stubborn youngster, to no one would I yield,
I worked beside my family at the forge and in the field;
When laden with a sack of grain I staggered to the gate
My father took one look and told me "Stand up straight."

"Hold your head up, daughter, "his voice was gruff and terse.
"Everyone is tired; slumping only makes it worse
Brace your feet and square your shoulders; get the balance of the weight.
At the limits of your strength you have to stand up straight."

High my heart and hopeful when I rode as Marin's squire
For I knew I knew so little, to such honor to aspire
Though the burden be an anvil or a suit of polished plate,
Brace and balance, take a breath and stand up straight.

Marin rode to tourney, in shining joy and pride,
And heavy was our sorrow in the hour that she died.
As we took her to her resting place in silent solemn state
It wasn't strength of heart that made me stand up straight.

Now a paladin I'm chosen, and the truth should not be shy,
But knights and kings surround me; can I look them in the eye?
I'm just a blacksmith's child among the mighty and the great,
But I seem to hear my father saying "stand up straight."

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