Echo's Children Songbook

The Echo's Children Songbook--a painstaking compilation of six years of songmaking--contains lyrics for 103 songs, including the lyrics from all four of our CDs. Of these, 80 songs have sheet music and 9 more have lead sheets (i.e. lyrics with chords).
Songbooks are comb-bound and printed double-sided on high-quality 24-lb paper. They are available exclusively from us, for $20 (cost of duplication), plus shipping, via mail order, or directly from us at conventions. (Since the price just covers photocopying costs we cannot offer a dealer discount on songbooks for buying in quantity.)

Song Listing:

Original Songs

Acts of Creation

Jack Frost

Right and Left Grand

Alysí Lullaby

John Talosí Canon

Sanity Time

Annieís Luck


Say Again, Tower

As Good As Any

Least of My Kind, The

Seasons of Love

At the Studio

Let It Go

Second Thoughts

Autumn Leaves // Bested

Living Earth, The

Seventh Horse, The

Beware of the Sentient Songbook

Low Among the Roses

She is Gone

Bin There, Dun That

Mad in White Linen

Sixteen Tomes

Blowing Winter In

Markís Song

Skill at Wit

Bold Adventurer

Meme of Death

Somewhere in An Tir

Brown Gal

Minhyrdin the Fair

Song of the Stars

But Fairer the Tree

Mortal Clay

Songs of Human Crafting

Butter Bug Blues

Mountain Man

Spotted Goat, The

Carousel Song, The

My Planetís Child

Sunshine Waltz

Circles of Music

New Computer Blues

Tapestry, íBroideryÖ


Nine Cats

They Spoke with their Hands

Common Things

No Greater Love


David Drive Me Crazy Blues

No Quarter

Two Falls Out Of Three

Devilís Music, The

No Selling Songs

Under the Gripping Beast

Fair Was The Blossom

Nuts from the Hazel Tree

United 93

Fair Were The Towers

Oh, Garibaldi

Via Astra

Flatten the Grass

Oh, Sumer!

Warrior Maid

Flatten the Tune

Old Patterns

Web of Love

Gift of Free Will, The


Wedding Dance

Goodbye, You Willamette

Out of the Musicís Way

Wedding Promises

Grandmotherís Hands

Outward Bound

When the Wind Changes

Green Willow

Part of Who We Are

Where the Shadows Are

Gwydionís Courting

Play It Slow

Wild Rose

Heart of Summer, The



Heatherís Hind

Quaddie Ballet

Wings of Human Knowledge

High Frontier

Rain Song

Word of God, The

How Far Back Does Music Go?

Recumbent Bicycle Blues

Yogh, Ash, and Thorn

How It Is Applied

Rest in Me

You Work Too Hard

I Meant To Do That

Riding a Tiger

Youíll Be There


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