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So what's new at the Echo's Children site?

15 Nov 2006 - updated the Home Page with current mailing address and performance info.

23 Jan 2004 - Updated CD Page, Songdex page, and several pages relating to From the Hazel Tree debut.
Uploaded lyric pages for all songs on From the Hazel Tree. Updated this page.

15 Jan 2004 - Updated Galacticon link.

Nov 24th 2003 Updated performance info.

April 7th 2003 Added Columbia lyrics, sheet music, added links to make Tribute lyrics and sheet music publicly available.

December 10 2002 Updated performance info.

November 13 2002 Updated performance info.

November 4 2002 Added lyrics for Stand Up Straight and corrected verse order for No Quarter

October 28 2002 Added lyrics for Yogh and Ash and Thorn.

October 7 2002 Made changes reflecting the new edition of As Good As Any, added a chorus to Goodbye You Willamette.

July 31, 2002 Added lyrics and sheet music for Mad in White Linen, Sanity Time, and Tapestry, Broidery, Ribbon and Lace.

July 30, 2002 Added sheet music for Alys' Lullabye, Songs of Human Crafting, Butterbug Blues,

July 27, 2002 Added sheet music for David Drive Me Crazy Blues and Low Among the Roses. Added lyrics for a new song--Goodbye You Willamette. Added lyrics and tentative sheet music for Tribute, a song written for David Carter, a folk musician who died recently. Link will not go live without his partner's permission

July 22, 2002 Added a "what's new?" page so people who refer to the site often can easily find new stuff. Transposed sheet music for Mark's Song to D minor (reflecting the key we sing it in now)

July 21, 2002, Added sheet music for Brown Gal, Fair Was The Blossom, No Quarter, United 93, Sunshine Waltz, Riding a Tiger and Wedding Promises.

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